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The Vision for the Department for Catholic Schools is to promote and to sustain Catholic Schools of unparalleled quality, which integrate faith into every aspect of life and culture, producing graduates who continually strive for human and Christian perfection.




Saint Benedict the Moor School upholds a Catholic vision of love through faith, academics, and service.



  1. We believe all children are capable of learning.

  2. We believe in setting high expectations for students with rigorous standards for performance.

  3. We believe in providing a safe and inviting school environment for student learning.

  4. We believe that our school is guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ: love, acceptance, and respect.

  5. We believe that service to others is a vital component in the formation of character.


Saint Benedict the Moor Graduates:

  • are lifelong learners.

  • provide service to those in need.

  • respect others.

  • live a life that reflects what God represents to a Christian.

  • value Catholic education.

  • have an appreciation for all cultures, especially African- American heritage and its contributions to society.

  • implement learned decision-making skills.

  • are effective and innovative users of technology.

  • make choices that promote health and safety for self and others.

  • are proud members of the Saint Benedict the Moor School and Hill District communities.



St. Benedict the Moor School is dedicated to providing an inclusive and holistic education environment that promotes the spiritual, moral, intellectual, cultural, emotional and physical development of each student. St. Benedict the Moor School has a unique family atmosphere where teachers, staff, students and parents/guardians learn, work, play and pray together. While ensuring academic excellence, our goal is to build a community of caring students who will become lifelong learners and leaders in their families, church and community. St. Benedict the Moor School provides students with diverse educational opportunities, utilizing varied learning experiences so that the School, in union with parents/guardians and the Hill community can discover and develop the unique gifts and talents of each student.


Diversity is fervently welcoming students/staff who have different life experiences and perspectives.

  • Welcoming and respecting students from all cultures and social backgrounds

  • Listening to students because we value each individuals as a child of God

  • Refraining from making statements that may demean another person especially regarding differences in culture or social background


Excellence is consistently empowering students to perform to the best of their highest academic ability.

  • Expecting quality work from all students

  • Setting benchmarks for students so they can see their achievements

  • Recognizing that all students do not learn the same way

  • Being able to think outside the box when educating in the urban classroom


Respect for Everyone is recognizing that everyone deserves respect as a human being whether we share the same beliefs.

  • Ensuring that everyone is treated in a manner that is expected from a Catholic/Christian school

  • Allowing students an opportunity to share their opinions without being judged negatively

  • Teaching students that it is alright to be different and that there is value and worth our differences


Self-Esteem is instilling the sense of self-worth in students so that they will have the confidence needed to negotiate life.

  • Building up by pointing and recognizing that all students possess the potential for excellence and success

  • Teaching students that they have value and worth, being created in the image and likeness of God and that they are loved by God and cared for within St. Benedict the Moor School community

  • Providing a safe environment in which each student is able to trust their teachers, staff and other students while being engaged and open to learning and growing to their full potential

Leadership is developing the gifts, talents, and greatness of every student to perform and serve with integrity and a moral social consciousness in a global, technological, and diverse society..

  • Expanding the world views of students to experience vastness of their communities, the nation and the world

  • Exposing students to the richness of asking questions and seeking information and knowledge that is beyond their immediate world

  • Developing in students a passion to be of service and to impact change however great or small and to leave the world better than they inherited it


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